"Eternal Blossom"

Meet Paula

With more than 25 years experience working with profit and non-profit organizations, as well as owning three businesses, Paula is an accomplished leader and entrepreneur.  Specializing in coaching executive and emergent leaders, Paula is a certified professional coach who has obtained her ACC from the International Coach Federation.  She helps leaders hone their leadership goals and develop strategies for enriched personal, team, and organizational performance.

Paula’s approach is warm, purposeful, and action oriented. She uses high level coaching strategies along with her deep professional experience coaching leaders to gain momentum toward their goals. Her passion for excellence is brought to every coaching session, along with her humor, calming personality, and sense of curiosity.  Paula has developed training programs, loves to teach adults, and has facilitated boot camp business programs.

After obtaining her B.S. in Psychology from the College of Saint Benedict/St. John’s University, Paula moved to Houston, TX, where she worked for a Fortune 500 Company at which she excelled in work process improvement, team development training, and facilitative management.   After several years, the Midwest called Paula back where she has worked in marketing and business development, non-profit leadership, and went on to obtain six different certifications and licenses including economic development finance, real estate, therapeutic massage & bodywork, pre/post-natal massage, hospice chaplaincy, and leadership coaching.

Paula has multi-industry, multi-cultural leadership experience and has worked diligently to bridge gaps in an array of areas including cultural, health-care, community values, leadership development, and international relations.  She has deftly navigated highly emotionally-charged organizational differences, public-relation issues, conflict resolution among boards, strategic planning, and financial sustainability.

As a connector, Paula has always valued relationships and helps people feel safe and heard.  In her capacity in working with people from many walks of life, Paula maintains a calm, grounded, and spiritual center that allows her to connect on a deeper level.

Before learning to set better boundaries for herself, Paula experienced burn-out.  With her own coach, she learned to navigate difficult issues in work, take walks in nature, to spend time with her family, to go to bed when she’s tired.  What she really learned is that the better she took care of herself, the better she was able to lead. 

Paula will support you in taking better care of yourself so that you can shine as a heart-centric leader doing what needs to be done to make this world a better place.

Paula’s background in for-profits, not-for-profits, faith-based organizations, government agencies, and business ownership lends her a unique skill-set to understand the complexities of leadership.

Aiyana is a Native American female name that means “Eternal Blossom.” 

Paula Chapulis Life and Leadership Coaching

What lights You Up?

As my daughters say, “Mom, that’s lit!”  Okay, so I’m not super hip, and wouldn’t use that same language, but there are things that really light me up.  Coffee.  That would be one.  Reading.  Writing.  Walks with our husky, Sasha.  My hubby and daughters.  Hikes in nature.  Lake Superior.  Quilting (yes, I’m a textile freak…LOVE fabric, just for the sake of the feel!).  Drawing.  Super-lit Christmas trees.  Exploring faith traditions.  Vintage Campers (I will own one some day!).  My Bennie friends.  Long, long walks…60 miles in 3 days….those kind of walks.  One day I’ll walk the Camino.  What makes you feel most alive?

Breaking through Burnout Pic

Paula is an amazing and naturally talented coach. Her calm and kind personality is creating a beautiful space for all individual potentials to unfold.

With her unimposing guidance and rich coaching knowledge, she helped me to overcome the uncertainty and to crystallize the direction that I would like to take in my own business. Also, on the way she helped me to identify the resources that I have and need to do that.
Thank you, Paula! 

Marija Randjic

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