Even coaches need a champion

When I was working toward my Professional Certified Coach certification, I worked with an ICF mentor coach to enhance my experience. The process made me more mindful of my own leadership coaching, and I want to support other coaches as they develop and demonstrate their coaching skills.

Feel Supported

Improve Your Coaching

Mindful Development

Getting your ICF certification

Earning your certification levels can be a difficult process. I’m here to be your champion. Mentor coaching at Aiyana Coaching is a safe and valuable way to ease that pressure and talk through the challenges.

During our mentor coaching sessions, we will:

  • Spend time perfecting recorded practice sessions
  • Grow from self-assessment exercises
  • Infuse the eight ICF core competencies into our conversation
  • Spend a total of 10 hours together, spread over three months.

The Aiyana Way

As coaches, sometimes we think we need to shoulder the weight of everything. In reality though, at times it just feels right to have a helping hand, someone to give honest feedback and encouraging guidance. That’s where I can help! Let’s chat about how I can increase your motivation, confidence and skills during your quest for coaching certification.

Level Up Your Game     I     Build Self-Confidence     I     Receive Professional Guidance

Benefits Of Mentor Coaching

Working with an ICF credentialed mentor coach can offer several benefits as the ICF credential ensures a certain level of training and expertise in coaching. Working with an ICF credentialed mentor coach not only provides you with guidance and support in your coaching journey but also aligns you with a professional community committed to excellence and ethical conduct in coaching. Here are three top benefits:

High Professional Standards

ICF credentialed coaches adhere to a strict code of ethics and professional standards set by the International Coach Federation. This ensures they maintain a high level of professionalism, integrity and confidentiality in their coaching relationships.

The ICF credential requires coaches to undergo specific coach training and education, demonstrating a commitment to continuous learning and development. As a result, working with an ICF credentialed mentor coach means you are engaging with a professional who has met rigorous standards in both training and practice.

Quality Coaching Skills

ICF credentialed coaches have demonstrated proficiency in coaching competencies and skills. These competencies include active listening, powerful questioning, creating awareness, designing actions and planning and goal setting, among others.

By working with a mentor coach who holds an ICF credential, you can benefit from their expertise and receive guidance on enhancing your own coaching skills. This mentorship can be invaluable for refining your coaching techniques and approaches.

Credibility and Recognition

The ICF is a globally recognized organization in the field of coaching. Collaborating with an ICF credentialed mentor coach enhances your own credibility as a coach.

Clients and organizations often prefer or require coaches with ICF credentials, as it signifies a commitment to a high standard of coaching practice. This can open more opportunities for you as a coach, as potential clients and employers may have increased confidence in your abilities.

After coaching with Paula for my required ICF mentor coaching sessions I achieved my goals of growing as a coach, passing the ICF exam, and earning my ICF ACC coaching credentials.

Paula is a resourceful, kind mentor coach who facilitated my learning and engagement with the ICF core competencies, ethics, and exam study materials. Her commitment and resourcefulness were evident in each of our coaching sessions. Coaching with Paula boosted my confidence and courage going into the ICF exam. Her leadership, kindness, and empathy made me feel at ease throughout the entire process.

I highly recommend Paula as a mentor coach for the ICF credentialling process and am grateful for her guidance and support. Learn more about Melinda.

Melinda Pedersen, ACC

Life & Wellness Coach, Melinda Pedersen Coaching, LLC

Why Three Months?

The International Coach Federation reports that it typically takes three months to complete the 10 hours of mentor coaching required. A mentee needs to record a coaching session with a client, transcribe it and identify what core competencies are demonstrated. The mentor and mentee meet to discuss and then plan what the mentee will focus on in their next recorded session with a client. In order to have learning take place and intentional practice of that skill in the next session, it is recommended that these sessions are a couple weeks apart.

Why should I be ICF certified?

Obtaining an International Coach Federation (ICF) certification can offer various benefits to a coach. While ICF certification involves a significant investment of time, effort and resources, many coaches find that the benefits, both professionally and personally, outweigh the costs. It establishes a solid foundation for a successful coaching career and provides ongoing support for continuous improvement.

Credibility and Recognition

  • ICF is a globally recognized organization that sets and upholds high standards for the coaching profession. Being ICF certified signals to clients, employers and peers that you have met specific criteria for professional coaching competence and ethics.

Professional Development

  • The process of obtaining an ICF certification involves rigorous coach training and education. This training encourages continuous learning and development.
  • ICF-certified coaches are required to participate in ongoing professional development activities, ensuring they stay current with best practices and industry trends.

Ethical Standards

  • ICF has a Code of Ethics that outlines the ethical principles and standards of conduct expected from its certified coaches. Adhering to these ethical guidelines fosters trust and integrity in coaching relationships.
  • The ICF certification process includes an assessment of ethical understanding and application, reinforcing the importance of maintaining high ethical standards in coaching practice.

Marketability and Opportunities

  • ICF certification can enhance your marketability as a coach. Many clients and organizations view ICF certification as a valuable credential when selecting a coach.
  • Some coaching opportunities, particularly in corporate settings, may require or prefer coaches with ICF certification. Holding this certification can open doors to a broader range of coaching opportunities and partnerships.

Community and Networking

  • Becoming ICF certified connects you to a global community of coaches. This community provides opportunities for networking, collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  • Access to ICF events, conferences and resources allows you to stay connected with the coaching community, share experiences and learn from other professionals in the field.

Client Trust and Confidence

  • Clients often feel more confident in hiring a coach who has achieved an ICF certification. The certification signifies a commitment to professionalism, competency and adherence to ethical standards, which can build trust with clients.

The Core Competencies

During our sessions, we will use the 8 core competencies framework to review your and evaluate your recorded sessions. Through our mentor coaching sessions, you will experience a deep and rich transformation, gaining more awareness, accountability and results for your own clients.

Demonstrates Ethical Practice    I     Embodies a Coaching Mindset    I   Maintains Presence    I    Listens Actively    I   Establishes and Maintains Agreements    I    Cultivates Trust and Safety    I   Maintains Presence    I    Listens Actively    I   Evokes Awareness    I   Facilitates Client Growth