Let’s Talk Meditation

Just like you, I had read and heard for years about the amazing benefits of meditation. But I put off trying it – also maybe just like you – and I certainly didn’t want to offer it to my clients. After all, I am a coach, not a meditation guru. I wondered if my clients might think it was hokey.

After I tried it myself though, I experienced the empowering benefits, and I saw the profound impact it has on both my mind and my body. I can feel my heart rate slow, the tension and stress exit my body and how my mind becomes rejuvenated with better, more logical reasoning. When I notice meditation could be helpful to my clients, I offer it as a way for them to see a path forward through their challenges. The results are amazing.

Please note that you are interested in meditation in the notes section upon booking.

Take A Deep Breath

Meditation can slow your heart rate, release tension, improve sleep, clear your mind and focus your energy. Research has shown the practice is very effective in relieving stress and can even lengthen your attention span. Meditation can include soft music in the background, sitting or lying in whatever position is most comfortable and ways to calm your wandering mind like counting your breaths. It can help you leave behind the stress and anxiety of the daily grind and see your obstacles with a clearer, calmer frame of mind.

Guided Meditation

Sit back, relax and let me guide you through a sample meditation. Meditations can be a couple minutes at different periods throughout your day, or it can be 10 minutes at once, like this recorded meditation. There’s no reason to ever feel like you don’t have time for one more thing in your day.

Meditation + Coaching

I offered one client a Future-Self guided meditation and contemplation because she was struggling to find a path forward in her career. We did some sensory connection, and then I took her on a “walk” to meet her wiser, elder self. I took the time to fully build out what her wiser, elder self looks like, what clothes she would be wearing, where she was at. Then I had her ask her elder, wiser self a few questions. That was when the clarity happened. The woman has since started her own successful business and is creating a life for her and her family that she always dreamed of. 

Please note that you are interested in meditation in the notes section upon booking. 

Learn More About Meditation

These blog posts are a great introduction to meditation, it’s benefits, and how you can use it in your own life.

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