Hey There, I’m Paula

I understand what it feels like to experience impostor syndrome, communication issues and stress. I’ve struggled with that “I’m failing at work. I’m failing at home.” feeling. Through coaching, I recognized my potential, my strengths and learned how to utilize them. I felt such a transformation in both my work and home life from coaching that I started Aiyana Coaching in the hopes of helping others find the same.

Aiyana means eternal blossom – and that’s my goal, to help you blossom into a confident, effective leader. I take a warm, action-oriented approach with all my clients to help them see their value and gain momentum toward their goals. I have a passion for excellence, which shows through my calming personality, humor and sense of curiosity. I help others navigate emotionally-charged organizational difference, solve public relation issues, calm conflict resolution among board members, develop strategic planning and secure financial sustainability.

Discover Your Leadership Coach

I started Aiyana Coaching in 2018 as a way to help people find their path through life’s challenges with a positive attitude. I see myself as a resource for those seeking a deeper meaning in their leadership roles. Finding our deeper purpose can help us all to better navigate difficult situations. By being a more effective communicator and decision-maker, you will feel confident and competent in your leadership abilities. The better we get to know ourselves, the better we communicate and the better leaders we become. My goal is to empower clients with tools and resources that will serve them well for years to come.

How Can I Help You?

Individuals or teams. In person or virtual. I can help you work to be the best leader possible.

Discover Coaching

Whether it’s 1-on-1 leadership coaching or mentor coaching, together we can uncover a path to your personal leadership development. 

The Aiyana Way

Schedule a free 1-hour discovery session with Aiyana Coaching to learn how we can create a plan together to help you define your leadership style, achieve your goals, and learn to put yourself first to better serve others. 

Discover What My Clients Say


As an experienced leader who has worked in multiple industries, Paula was able to bring valuable insights into each of our coaching sessions. She asked effective questions to help me make important strategic decisions on my business. Deep diving into my core values with Paula, I actually took my business in a completely different direction than I originally thought I would.

Kelli, Real Estate Investment, Global Network LLC


Over the months that I have worked with Paula, she has brought compassion, understanding and a deep sense of calm to our conversations. Paula is a very considerate listener, and as such, she is able to ask questions that are valuable to my thought process. She is so in tune with what I’m saying that she sees the opportunities in what I say before I have even thought of them!

Karen T, BDS Hons, WPCC, Dentist and Mother of Two Teenage Girls


I highly recommend Paula to anyone looking for a life and leadership coach. I started to doubt my leadership abilities during a major work transition, but through my coaching sessions with Paula, I was able to discover my true sense of self again. She gave me a renewed sense of self confidence that has helped me not only at work, but also at home as a parent. I cannot thank her enough for my renewed sense of self love. 

Rochelle G

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