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Whether you are leading a non-profit, advancing from colleague to supervisor or a small business owner, my leadership coaching program will help you lead with confidence.

Trust The Magic Of New Beginnings

All I need from you is an openness to change, the willingness to reflect on yourself and of course, the enthusiasm to trust the magic of new beginnings.

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Whether it’s 1-on-1 leadership coaching or team coaching, together we can uncover a path to your personal leadership development. 

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Invest just 6 weeks in the Mental Fitness Course and learn how to perform up to your potential and how to build healthier relationships.

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With over 25 years of professional experience and multiple certifications, I can help you reach your leadership

Hey There, I’m Paula

I understand what it feels like to experience impostor syndrome, communication issues and stress. I’ve struggled with that “I’m failing at work. I’m failing at home.” feeling. Through leadership coaching, I recognized my potential, my strengths and learned how to utilize them. I felt such a transformation in both my work and home life from coaching that I started Aiyana Coaching in the hopes of helping others find the same.

Lead Others, Without Losing Yourself

All parts of our lives are integrated. To improve one aspect, we must improve all – mind, body, spirit, heart.

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Self-compassion and Leadership

Self-compassion and Leadership

Self-compassion and leadership: It’s time to give yourself the same compassion you would your best friendYour best friend calls you, upset that he or she doesn’t think they can handle the situation before them. They don’t think they are creative enough, smart enough,...

How meditation can help you relieve stress

How meditation can help you relieve stress

How meditation can help you relieve stressFor years, I had heard about the benefits of meditation or contemplative prayer, but until I started practicing it myself, it had not occurred to me that meditation could be so profound. In my own practice of meditation, I...

How to Relax Fast

How to Relax Fast

How to Relax FastWhy is knowing how to relax fast important?Why should you learn how to relax fast? Because stress is more than just unpleasant. It's also dangerous. Many diseases are now known to be caused by or made worse by stress, but you can do something about...

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