What Is Whole Person Coaching?

Whole Person Coaching (WPC) is a unique and powerful holistic process. I started Whole Person coach training through Coach Training World, an ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited school, in August 2018. I was certified in December of the same year after 160 hours of intense live weekend courses. On top of that we obtained 40-plus hours of one on one coaching, mentoring by a master coach, and numerous hours of self-directed study.

The Whole Person Coach training spoke to me in a way no other program did. Coach Training World defines Whole Person Coaching (WPC) as a unique and powerful holistic process that elevates coaching to a new level. It is the most comprehensive approach available for working at the depths of change necessary to create positive, sustainable momentum for individuals, teams, and organizations. WPC is a system grounded in scientific theory and backed by the ICF.

Coach Training World goes on to define Whole Person Coaching as a thought-provoking change process coupled with experience-oriented, transformative learning. It enables the coach to assist his/her clients in masterminding life transitions, manifesting anything (and everything) they desire by leveraging their whole self. This holistic method is based on the premise that when you come to fully embrace, embody and express all aspects of your whole self, you are positioned to thrive in any aspect of life.

Why Whole Person Coaching?

The idea that we can separate or compartmentalize our personal lives from our work lives from our social or spiritual lives is crazy-talk. I believe we are fully integrated humans and when one part of our life is disrupted, another part is affected. Whole Person Coaching not only addresses this in the training and process, but also integrates information from neuro-psychology, body awareness, and the mental/emotional aspects of change.

Coach Training World further defines it as a broader, deeper perspective that offers the clarity you need to see who you truly are.  It helps you to identify what matters most to you, and discover and reclaim your very best. In this state of being, you effectively draw upon your inner wisdom and greatest potential as the backbone from which to mastermind and create your preferred future.

Considering All Aspects

As I’ve mentioned, I have a broad background in leadership positions. I’ve worked for a Fortune 500 company, a government organization, non-profits, and I’ve owned my own businesses. After leaving the corporate world, I went back to school to become a massage therapist.  What I quickly realized is how much stress my clients held in their bodies. Stress is not just a factor that affects your mental and emotional well-being, but also your physical well-being. Leaders experience stress.  Lots of it. It made perfect sense to me to train in Whole Person Coaching since it incorporates all aspects of a person and I can draw wisdom from my years as a massage therapist to help my clients deal with stress.

I have also volunteered as a hospice chaplain. There is nothing greater in the world to teach life lessons than to listen to someone who is sharing their life while in the process of dying. I began to truly understand the importance of providing a space for openness, honesty, and complete non-judgment. Spirituality (on any level) is an important part of life and integral to one’s well-being. I love that Whole Person Coaching takes this into account. My clients love it too.

Lead Others, Without Losing Yourself

All parts of our lives are integrated. To improve one aspect, we must improve all – mind, body, spirit, heart.