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Whether you are leading a non-profit, advancing from colleague to supervisor or a small business owner, my leadership coaching program will help you lead with confidence.

Trust The Magic Of New Beginnings

All I need from you is an openness to change, the willingness to reflect on yourself and of course, the enthusiasm to trust the magic of new beginnings.

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Whether it’s 1-on-1 leadership coaching or team coaching, together we can uncover a path to your personal leadership

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Invest just 6 weeks in the Mental Fitness Course and learn how to perform up to your potential and how to build healthier relationships. 

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With over 25 years of professional experience and multiple certifications, I can help you reach your leadership

Hey There, I’m Paula

I understand what it feels like to experience impostor syndrome, communication issues and stress. I’ve struggled with that “I’m failing at work. I’m failing at home.” feeling. Through leadership coaching, I recognized my potential, my strengths and learned how to utilize them. I felt such a transformation in both my work and home life from coaching that I started Aiyana Coaching in the hopes of helping others find the same.

Lead Others, Without Losing Yourself

All parts of our lives are integrated. To improve one aspect, we must improve all – mind, body, spirit, heart.

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What is Coaching?

What is Coaching?

What Is Coaching?Coaching is a term that has been widely used for centuries.  Initially it was used (and still is) as a term for transportation – a coach – transporting an individual from one place to another.  The origin of the word “Coach” can be traced back to the...

5 Steps to Feel Less Overwhelmed

5 Steps to Feel Less Overwhelmed

5 Steps to Feel Less OverwhelmedMy passion in leadership coaching is all about personal development, growth, and the self-care that it takes to be a great leader.  I firmly believe that we need to start teaching our leaders how to take better care of themselves. I’m...

Is Your Leadership Armor Keeping You Lonely?

Is Your Leadership Armor Keeping You Lonely?

Is your Leadership Armor Keeping you Lonely?One day, as I was talking to a leader, I asked, “What are the leadership topics you’d be interested in learning?”  With a concerned look in her eye, she said, “Can you address the loneliness?”  I felt my heart tug and I...

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