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What about Leadership Would you like to know…

How to serve others without losing yourself? How to feel confident leading people? How to understand the inner world of the people you lead? How to garner respect as a leader? How to get back your life?

Do You Want to Be a Leader Who is…

Clear and confident that you are moving in the right direction? 
Interested in understanding leadership and your own leadership style so that you become a better leader?  Optimistic that you have what it takes to lead and you are no longer afraid to fail?  Empowered to take care of yourself in the midst of serving others? Encouraged to know that you can overcome your innermost fears?


You are already a leader.

It’s time to introduce your future leader to your current leader.  Intentionally create a better path – one that is aligned with your values and how you want to show up in this world.  You have gifts to share. I’m here for you and would love to talk.  I work through Zoom, over the phone or in person.  I would love to connect with you. ~ Paula Chapulis

Breaking through Burnout Pic

As an experienced leader who has worked in multiple industries, Paula was able to bring valuable insights into each of our coaching sessions. She asked effective questions to help me make important strategic decisions on my business. Deep diving into my core values with Paula, I actually took my business in a completely different direction than I originally thought I would. I was able to let go of things that I really didn't need and focus on areas that I truly value. Thanks so much for taking me to the next level.


Real Estate investment business owner, Glocal Network LLC

I have been very fortunate to find Paula to be my coach. Over the months that I have worked with her she has brought compassion, understanding and a deep sense of calm to our conversations.

Paula is a very considerate listener and as such she is able to ask questions that are valuable to my thought process. She is so in tune with what I’m saying that she sees the opportunities in what I say before I have even thought of them!

Paula is a warm and caring person that I whole heartedly recommend to anyone looking for support on their journey to personal development and growth.

Karen T., BDS Hons, WPCC

New Business Owner, Dentist and Mother of two teenage girls

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